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Armenians take their food seriously, and like to eat well! The cuisine of Armenia is probably as old as the country’s history itself, dating back over 2,000 years, and comprises of a blend of myriad aromas and tastes. With plenty of influence from Mediterranean and Eastern cuisine, Armenian cuisine makes use of vegetables, various spices, meat, fruits, and fish.
Meat is used abundantly in Armenian cuisine, and the most famous preparations across the country include a variety of poultry dishes, shashlik (locally known as Khorovats), and more. Some of the most well-known meat dishes are Kyufta (tender meat balls boiled in broth), Dolma (stuffed grape leaves), Borani (fried chicken with aubergines), Tisvzhik (fried beef cooked with onion, tomato paste, salt and pepper), Baskyrat (strips of boiled beef). For vegetarians, Borscht, a traditional vegetable soup, is sheer delight. 
Majority of Armenia’s remarkable restaurants are focused around the capital, Yerevan, with a few famous restaurants being Dolmama, Kovkas Tavern, Mer Taghe, The Club, Cactus, Old Erivan, Café La Boheme, and Malkhas Jazz Club among others.