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Getting Around in BALI

Bali is a pretty big island and you would require a dependable mode of transport to get around if you want to explore more than just the beach near your hotel. The roads are struggling to cope with the rapid, hysterical development and the aging infrastructure. Traffic is chaotic at all major tourist areas and there are jams on a daily basis.  Ubud, Kuta, Seminyak and Denpasar are infamous for their traffic woes.

Walk – Walking is the best way to commute around beach areas and touristy locations. The tourists prefer to strool on foot and avoid the traffic.

Buses – The Peramabus Company is meant for the budget traveller in Bali. They have offices in various major tourist destinations along the island. Trans Sarbagita government bus service operates comfortable air-conditioned buses.

Taxis - Metered taxis are the usual in Southern and Central Bali. Blue Bird and Bali Teksi are the most reliable ones. In other areas, while hiring a local taxi and do settle the fare before getting into the cab.

Bemos – Bemo is a minivan that serves as a shuttle bus service and is Bali's "traditional" mode of transport. However, they have been majorly replaced by metered taxis. On shared bemos, the fare is very less, but drivers often expect the foreign tourists to book the whole vehicle, in which case the fare is close to that of a taxi.

Cars or motorbikes - Car and motorbike rentals are viable options, however, you should consider your ability to drive or ride around in Bali with its lack of common traffic sense.

Rental car with a driver - The best option for first time visitors is rental cars owned by individuals. They are easy to find and using a rental car along with a driver is certainly far cheaper than taxis and more efficient as the drivers usually speak English and can also act as impromptu tourist guides suggesting good destinations and eateries.

Bicycles – It is quite possible to travel by cycle and bicycling delivers a very surreal experience. You should bring your own cycle, or buy one from one of the well-stocked bike shops in Denpasar. They are also available on rent and some of the good hotels will even provide them along with your package.

How to Reach BALI

By Air

Most visitors prefer to fly into NgurahRai International Airport, Bali’s airport. The third busiest international airport in Indonesia, NgurahRai is well-connected with flights from Australia and South-East Asia. The rest of Indonesia is also well connected.

By Water

Ferries are available to go from Ketapang, Java to Gilimanuk in western Bali. The service is available all through the day on every 15 minutes interval. This is a very affordable form of travelling and usually doesn’t take more than 30 minutes. However, there can be delays due to loading and unloading of goods. 

Speedboats and Catamarans operate around the Benoa Harbour near Kuta and Padangbai, around 2 hours away from the Gili Islands in Lombok. Though this is convenient, sometimes its price is more that the flight fares. The duration can be weather dependent and they seldom keep to the scheduled timings.

Visa Requirements for INDONESIA

Indonesia tourist visa is not required for citizens of United Arab Emirates for a stay up to 30 days. American, British, Indian, Filipino, Bangladeshi, Egyptian, Austrian, German expats living in UAE fall in the same category. However, citizens of Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan, Brazil, Israel, Montenegro and few other nations need an Indonesia tourist visa. It is advisable that nationals of different countries get in touch with their respective embassies for obtaining comprehensive information. Show More