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Getting Around in BANGKOK

Bangkok is a world-class city with world-class public transportation options.

BTS (Skytrain) connects most parts of the city except the old city. This is the fastest way to get around different parts of the city.

Chao Phraya Express Boat Service is the best way to commute if you have to go by the riverside. This option is inexpensive and allows you the opportunity to get a feel of Bangkok’s riverside life.

Buses connect most of Bangkok, but are used mainly by the locals and can get significantly delayed due to traffic.

Metered Taxis are the most comfortable form of commute, but they are expensive and are at the mercy of traffic. If the taxi driver refuses to switch on the meter, remember to fix the price before getting in.

Tuk Tuks are Bangkok’s pride and are known for their boom-boom sound (due to spruced up silencers) and their ability to weave through traffic. If you are late and there is traffic ahead of you, this is the option you need to take. Remember to bargain as opening prices are always inflated.

How to Reach BANGKOK

By Air

The Suvarnabhumi Airport caters to the international passengers travelling to Bangkok. Bangkok is one of Asia's busiest air transport hubs. The older Don Mueang International Airport serves mainly the domestic flights to the city. Daily flights from several domestic and international cities land at these airports in Bangkok. 

Visa Requirements for THAILAND

Emirates Nationals VISA on arrival for 30 days when arriving by air/15 days when arriving by land.Filipino Nationals VISA on arrival for 30 days when arriving by air/15 days when arriving by land.Indian Nationals VISA on arrival for 15 days. Can be applied before travel - 3 working days to process.Pakistani Nationals VISA required - to be applied before travel {Living in Abu Dhabhi 3 working days; Rest of UAE - 4 working days}.Visa Assistance is available for other Nationalities. For more inform...

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