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The city of Batumi is known for its subtropical climate. The best time to visit Batumi is during the months of May, June and September. It is during these months of the year that the weather remains salubrious and is ideal for sightseeing. Here’s the season wise-weather guide of Batumi that can help travellers in planning a city tour accordingly:

Summer (June through August)
The middle-year months, i.e. the summer season, feature comfortable weather in Batumi. This season constitutes an ideal time for travelling and one can look forward to exploring historical, cultural and architectural attractions of the city. The months between June and August are said to the busiest months for tourism in Batumi. This is one of the primary reasons that travellers find lodging and accommodation comparatively expensive during this time of the year. Black Sea Jazz festival is one among the popular festivals of Batumi that travellers can enjoy participating in during the summer season. 

Fall (September through November)
Autumn in Batumi is pleasant with temperatures between 26.6°C and 15.2°C. Tourists can enjoy being a part of the Batumi Birdwatching Festival which is organised in Adjara. Autumn is also the season that welcomes a lot of festivals; the wine harvest festival of Rtveli, the Batumi International Art House Film Festival and the Tbilisoba fair are just some of the festivals you should definitely witness. 

Spring (March through May)
Overall, the spring season in Batumi features a calm, warm and pleasant weather. During this time, the highs range between 23.7°C and 12.2°C)leading to warmer temperatures in the later months. This season hardly witnesses rain and is considered as the second busiest season to plan a trip to Batumi. In particular, the scent of newly bloomed magnolias and colourful camellias distinguishes the month of April from others. An ideal place to perceive the beauty of spring in Batumi is Batumi Botanical Garden which looks all the more attractive and appealing. Spring is even said to be a great time for those who wish to try activities like hiking, rock climbing and winemaking. 

Winter (December through February)
In Batumi, the weather is too cold during the winter season. The average high during this time is between 60.3°F (15.7°C) and 50.3°F (10.2°C). Also, this season witnesses the lowest tourists’ traffic in contrast to other seasons in the city. It is during this time that lodging units can be booked at the lowest prices. Dark blue Black Sea, palms and evergreen magnolias along with snow-covered beaches feature beautiful scenery and landscapes due to snow in the winter season in Batumi. Also, several tourists from different geographic boundaries visit the city to celebrate the New Year. 
The city of Batumi is known for its subtropical climate. The best time to Show More