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Getting Around in BEIJING

Taxis are the best way to get around in the city and also the most convenient and easily available anywhere in the city. The taxis are comfortable cars and fares are reasonable. The minimum starting fare is ¥ 13 for 3 kilometers and then additional ¥2.3 per kilometer.  The downside is that not all taxi drivers speak English and you could waste time in traffic jams. Black cabs are more expensive. If you hire a cab be prepared for traffic jam delays and complicated routes. 

Subways have good connectivity to all parts of the city; they have English markings and are faster to travel to any part of the city and cheaper.

Buses are also cheap but crowded and only some buses announce the stop names in English; the bus stop boards are not in English.

Beijing has excellent bike lanes on all major streets and offers a good way to explore the city. Minibuses are ideal for countryside travel. 

How to Reach BEIJING

By Air

Beijing Capital International Airport (second largest airport in the world) is the main airport and caters to both international and domestic flights, whereas the Beijing Nanyuan Airport is a domestic airport. The airports are well connected with taxis and shuttles.

By Road

There are several expressways in Beijing which are very well maintained and easy to commute by car. There are national highways as well which connect the city to other major cities within the country. 

Buses – There are long distance buses to/from Mongolia and Shanghai. The city has over 20 bus stations connecting all cities within the country. There are sleeper buses, regular and express buses. You can also avail meal services if you pay additional charges. 

By Rail

Beijing Railway Station is the main station; there 4 other stations – Beijing West Railway Station, Beijing East Railway Station, Beijing North Railway Station, Beijing South Railway Station and Huangcun Railway Station. The main station, West and South connect all major cities within the country, Russia and North Korea. The others are smaller stations with lesser scheduled trains.

Visa Requirements for CHINA

UAE passport holders travelling to China can enjoy a visa-free stay for a period of 30 days. The same applies to the citizens of Seychelles, Serbia, Barbados and Ecuador. However, Indian, Pakistani, Filipinos, Egyptian, Bangladeshi and Iranian expats living in UAE must apply for the Chinese tourist visa.

The general requirements of Chinese Tourist Visa are:

• Valid Passport
• A duly filled in and signed visa application form.
• Passport-sized Photog...

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