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By Air

Ezezia International Airport is the main airport 20 miles south to the city. The airport operates flights to all major cities in South America and several in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. The airport is connected to the city by rail and road. Rail journey is better avoided. You can get coaches, buses, taxis to reach the city. 

By Road

The city is connected with several countries of South America. Tourists prefer to travel by road to the city only if they are traveling from Uruguay or Southern Brazil. 

By Water

Boat service is available only from Colonia and Montevideo in Uruguay.

Grimaldi Lines operate a freight liner which accepts 12 passengers from European ports to Buenos Aires through Africa. It is a sixty day round trip.

Getting Around in BUENOS AIRES

The city has excellent public transport facilities though they could be crowded during peak hours. The underground railway is called as “Subte” short for Sub Terano. The stations have works of art displayed.

Walking around is a good way to see the city also during the peak hours it could also be a faster than a taxi or bus. ...

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