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Bulgarian cuisine is a mix of Balkan, Slavic, and European cuisines. Locals generally use a lot of vegetables, dairy products, and beverages while consuming any meal. Fresh vegetables and meat are a staple part of everyday Bulgarian food. In this article we give a brief insight of the Bulgarian food and drinks plus an idea about what to eat in Bulgaria.

Breakfast in Bulgaria

The first meal of the day starts with a Banitza. This is made of layers of filo pastry stuffed with cheese, or apples or walnuts with lots of butter. For people not having a penchant for sweet Bulgarian food, this is also available with the filling of onions, cabbage, spinach, mushroom or pumpkin. A Mekitsi is another bakery product widely available which is made of yogurt and eggs. Lyutenitsa is an all-time favourite bread spread, made from roasted peppers and tomatoes.

The best Bulgarian bakeries to get a bite of these famous Bulgarian breakfasts in Sofia are Furna, Hlebar, Black Label Coffee House & Bakery, and Café Ma Baker.

Lunch in Bulgaria

Lunch is generally lighter and comprises of salads, soups, or stews. Most of the Bulgaria restaurants offer huge portions of salads and bowls of soups at very affordable prices. Shopska salad is an all-time favourite. It is made of tomatoes, cucumber, baked peppers, and huge quantities of grated siren cheese. Ovcharaska salad is another less popular salad variant which consists of ham and yellow cheese and is widely available in Bulgarian food menus.

Tarator soup is generally the most served in summers. It is made of yogurt, cucumber, garlic and chill. It is a cold and light soup. The salad version of this soup has hung solid curd mixed with the rest of the ingredients and is called Snezhanka. The “Dragon’s Breath” or schkembe chorba is made of tripe and is a bowl of hot spicy soup. It is also said to be the best cure for a bad hangover. 

Some of the best Bulgaria restaurants known for serving lunch in Sofia are Happy Bar &Grill Rakvoski, “Avtentichno” by SIS Coop, Izbata Tavern, Hadjidraganovite kashti, and Shtastlivetsa Vitoshka to name a few.

Dinner in Bulgaria

Dinner is the main time for good food and drinks in Bulgaria. Huge portions of Kebapcha, which are grilled meat skewers with siren cheese toppings are served along with pitchers of Kamenitza or Zagorka, popular local Bulgarian beers, or Raki, the national drink. Lozovi Starmi are meat stuffed grape leaves, or kyufte are served as starters. Gyuvech is a stew which is made of minced beef, onions, peppers, and mushrooms.

Made in Home, Moma Bulgarian Food and Wine, Happy Bar & Grill, Chevermeto are few good places in Sofia for having a sumptuous dinner.