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Free Things to Do In Cairo

Get a taste of Sufism by witnessing the Sufi dancing show at Wikala al-Ghouri, in the neighbourhood of Islamic Cairo. The show is held thrice a week – on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays and is absolutely free. With dancers in multi-coloured skirts accompanied by the entrancing drum beats and traditional instruments; this dance show is a sheer visual treat.
Experience the vibrancy of Cairo by making a beeline to the dynamic Khan el-Khalili market. The market houses a labyrinth of narrow alleys overflowing with authentic Egyptian souvenirs. Right from spices to jewellery to shisha pipes, lamps, perfumes, accessories and what not, this intoxicating market has it all.
If you’re a dedicated book worm, you can’t miss out on visiting the Azbekeya book market. The market houses more than 50 book stalls, so there’s bound to be loads of awesome reads on just about any genre that you might fancy.

Being a city of countless skyscrapers, chances are that it might be a tad difficult for you to locate a spot from where you can get a clear glimpse of the sunset. However, if you can manage your way to Mokattam cliff located near Salahdin Citadel, you’ll get the clearest views of Cairo city, as well as an extraordinary glimpse of the pink and orange hues of the setting sun.

Go visit the Al-Azhar mosque, which is hands down of the most charming mosques in Egypt. Marvel at the extraordinary architectural styles here, especially the sprawling courtyard made of marble, and the five minarets it houses. 
Any visit to Cairo would be incomplete without visiting Cairo’s largest and oldest mosque – Mosque of Ibn Tulun. Admire the incredible architecture and art of this mosque, and don’t forget to climb its minaret to get some unprecedented views of Cairo City.
Take a stroll around the old neighbourhood of Coptic Cairo (Old City) as you pass ancient churches, and quaint alleys. Some iconic churches here include the Saints Sergius and Bacchus Church, and the Nunnery and Church of St. George. Also worth a visit is the remarkable Ben Ezra Synagogue.

If you’re bored of history, and are itching to try something a tad modern, go and visit Zamalek, an upscale neighbourhood located on the Gezira Island in the Nile. This area was quite popular with British expats during the 19th century, and once housed plush Victorian mansions which have now been converted into boutiques, galleries, and embassies. 

Visiting Qarafaorthe‘City of the Dead’ as it is known, might be an interesting experience well worth trying out. This fascinating part of Southeastern Cairo is essentially a cemetery which dates back to the times of the Mamluks. Surprising, this grid of tombs and mausoleums is home to millions of homeless people.

Taking a walk along the Street of the Tentmakers is yet another essential Cairo experience that you can’t miss out on. Located in Souq Al-Khiamiyya, this market is a sheer feast for your sight and sound senses, as you revel in the vibrant fabrics, and a myriad of colourful shawls, carpets, tents, and blankets. 
Get a taste of Sufism by witnessing the Sufi dancing show at Wikala al-Ghouri, in the neighbourhood of Islamic Cairo. The show is he...

Things to Do In CAIRO

Here are some things to do and experience in Cairo:
  • Go on a Nile Cruise on a felucca (local boat). It is the ideal way to relax, enjoy and get closer to the beautiful river. Chartered feluccas are also available for those seeking a solitude ride. This is one of the top things to do in Cairo.
  • Smack on delicious traditional Egyptian dishes like fuul, shawerma, taamiya and kushari at any of the ...
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