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Getting Around in CHICAGO

Chicago Transit Authority- This authority runs both the buses and trains within the city and connects to every corner of Chicago. The trains are marked by their colours red, green, brown, blue, etc. catering to various routes. In case of buses, the routes are well marked and are quite frequent. CTA is less expensive and safe too for travelers even during odd hours.

Metra services- This commuter train service connects various suburbs to the main city centre and is the best means of transport if you want to travel to places such as Kenosha, Wisconsin, etc.

Pace- The bus service provides connectivity to the suburbs.

Cars- Driving across the city is also an option, but watch out for the heavy traffic.

- Taxis are easily available, can be hailed on the street and are fairly less expensive. The popular ones are American- United taxi, Checker cab and Flash cab.

Bicycles- If you are travelling by the shores of Lake Michigan, cycling is the best means to travel.

How to Reach CHICAGO

By Air

O’Hare International Airport and Midway International Airport are the two airports in Chicago. O’Hare is the best way to reach Chicago. United Airlines and American Airlines are the two main players here and there are numerous flights connecting Chicago to various parts of the country and the rest of the world. Midway international airport is closer to Chicago city and also has many airlines (Delta, Frontier, Porter, etc.) flying out and into it. There are taxis and trains that connect the airports to the city centre. 

By Road

There are numerous bus service providers like Burlington trail ways, Greyhound, Indian Trails and Mega bus that connect Chicago to various parts of the country. 

By Rail

Chicago is also known as the rail hub of the country and is well connected to other major cities through the rail network. Union station and Northwestern station are considered the most important ones. One can also drive down to Chicago from other parts of Illinois, as it has good expressways.

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