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China, one of the most beautiful countries in Asia, is quickly becoming a huge favorite among travelers looking for something new. Combining several climatic zones, the weather in China differs from region to region. However, the overall best time to visit China is during spring, when the weather is pleasant in most parts of the country. The winters in China are quite cold, while the summers are hot in general, characterized by frequent typhoons and some rainfall. The official rainy season in China lasts from May to September, with the monsoon moving from the southeast region to the northeast parts in September.

Spring Season: The spring season lasts from March to May and is the best time to visit China. The weather is pleasant, with the worst of the cold gone and the temperature just starting to rise. Towards the end of May, it starts to get hot, paving the way for summers to arrive.

Tips: Avoid travelling to China during the Spring Festival or the Chinese New Year Festival. Most shops, restaurants, and even some tourist attractions remain shut during this time, due to the festivities. In addition, most cities will be highly crowded with locals and expatriates arriving in huge numbers. Other festivals that you might want to attend in China in spring include the Zhonghe Festival, the Lantern Festival, and the Qingming Festival. This is also the best time to enjoy the famous Cherry Blossom festival in China, to see blankets of beautiful pink flowers in full bloom everywhere.

Summer Season: The months of June, July, and August bring with them the summer season in China. This is not exactly an ideal time to visit China, since most parts of the country remain extremely hot and unbearably humid. However, the summer holidays ensure that this is the high tourist season for the country, so expect to find a lot of crowds and of course, elevated prices for everything. Another disadvantage of visiting China in the summers is the high probability of typhoons and rainfalls, making sightseeing a tad uncomfortable. Plan a day out only after checking out the weather forecast.

Tips: If you do visit China in the summer, we recommend that you make all bookings in advance. The humidity might get to you, so keep an extra set of clothes around to change into, if you have fancy places to go to in the evening. In addition, try to attend the beautiful Festival of the Dragon Boat that is held during the summers.

Winter Season: The winter season in China arrives in December and lingers on till February. In the northern regions, it gets extremely cold, with the temperature falling below zero in many places. This is a good time to visit China to see the white deserts blanketed in snow. In the southern as well as central regions of China, the winter are short and bearable, so plan your trip accordingly.

Tips: Pack clothes according to the region you are visiting in China in the winters. At a few places where temperatures dip as low as -25 °C, the best thing to do would be to bundle up and take along heavy down jackets and snow boots. If visiting China in the winters, make sure to be a part of the National Day of the Republic of China - one of the most important festivals of the country.

Autumn Season: The autumn season in China lasts from September to November. This is a good time to visit China, owing to cooler temperatures and yet, warm days. The weather starts changing towards the end of November, when the freezing cold begins to set in. This is a good time to visit places such as Xinjiang, Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong, which are either too hot or too cold during other times.

Tips: The Chinese Moon Festival is celebrated during the autumn season, and it is a must-attend if visiting the country during this time. This is also a great time to make use of the discounts that are offered on accommodation and sightseeing packages.

China, one of the most beautiful countries in Asia, is quickly becoming a huge favorite among travelers looking for something new. Combining several cl...