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The Czech Republic, a popular tourist destination located in Central Europe, is a small landlocked country famed for its beautiful architecture, cultural heritage, and a plethora of attractions that range from Bohemian to modern. The best time to visit Czech Republic can said to be the summer season, when the weather is pleasant. However, other seasons in the Czech Republic can be interesting to visit as well, for people with varied interests. For instance, those with a penchant for snow sports and related activities are sure to find winters the best time to visit Czech Republic, while those looking to enjoy the auburn colors of fall will love the autumn season.

Spring Season: Spring season in the Czech Republic starts from the middle of March and carries on till the end of May. The temperature during this time does not rise above 7 °C, and you are still expected to be bundled up in woolens. However, it is not as bad as the biting cold of the winters. This is a beautiful time to be in this country, since the snow has just begun to melt and the rivers have started thawing off. Green shoots emerge from the trees and the ground, and flowers start to bloom everywhere. The ski resorts are still snow-clad though, and there are infrequent bouts of rain, which bring back the cold climate.

Tips: There are plenty of festivals celebrated during this time in all parts of the country, such as the Walpurgis Night (similar to Halloween), the Febiofest International Film Festival, the Czech Beer Festival, the Prague Food Festival, and of course, the Festival of Songs in Olomouc. Apart from these, smaller cities and towns celebrate their own versions of beer festivals almost all through this time.

Summer Season: The months of June, July, and August are the summer months in the Czech Republic. The temperature does not rise over 30 °C in any part of the country, and a cool breeze accompanies you at night, driving away the humidity. This is considered the best season to visit Czech Republic, so expect to encounter high prices for accommodation as well as attractions. During the summers, the mountainous regions of the country such as Brno and Karlovy Vary are pretty crowded with tourists, whereas Prague is more or less devoid of them. Forested areas and small hilly villages are ideal for spending summer in the Czech Republic.

Tips: There are chances of infrequent rains here during the summer, so do carry an umbrella along. Wear light, summer apparels. Keep yourself hydrated, and carry sunscreen lotion to ward off the harsh sunrays.

If you find yourself in the Czech Republic during the summer season, do attend the local festivals in various parts of the country such as various wine festivals, the Fest Appetite in Plzen, the Carnival of the Five-Petalled Rose in Cesky Krumlov, the Czech Beer Festival in Prague, and a plethora of musical concerts that are held all over the Czech Republic.

Autumn Season: Autumn season in the Czech Republic starts from September and carries on till November end. Although the temperature does experience a bit of a dip during this period, it is still hot enough to warrant light, airy clothes. This is a good time to visit Czech Republic because all of the country starts to witness the first signs of autumn, with carpets of golden-orange leaves on forest floors. With a light frost beginning to envelop the country, tourists can hope to enjoy the countryside even more.

Tips: If visiting the Czech Republic during this time, it is necessary to carry a couple of woolens with you. This is the best time to visit Czech Republic for shopaholics, since most stores and brands arrange for huge, end-of-season sales during this time. This is the perfect time to pick up designer items at great prices. There are also several Jazz festivals held all over the country – ideal for music lovers.

Winter Season: December to January is considered the winter season in the Czech Republic, and it gets extremely cold, with temperature regularly dipping below 0° C in most parts of the country. This is the best time to visit Czech Republic for snow lovers and snowsport enthusiasts. Ski resorts are the busiest at this time, as compared to the rest of the year.

Tips: Winters are great for enjoying Christmas celebrations and fairs. The entire country is decked up, welcoming Christmas and the New Year. Christmas fairs offer tourists a chance to enjoy the local brew and dishes. The firework display in Prague during this time is a must-watch, especially since it is held on two days, 31st December as well as 1st January.

The Czech Republic, a popular tourist destination located in Central Europe, is a small landlocked country famed for its beautiful architecture, cultural heritage, and a plethora...