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Grand Mosque (Dubai)

  • Baniyas Road, Downtown Deira, Dubai


09:00 AM 22:00 PM


16:00 PM 22:00 PM

At 70 meters, Dubai’s Grand Mosque is Dubai’s tallest minaret. Built originally in 1900, the mosque was demolished and built again in 1960, after which it underwent a further reconstruction in 1998 – which is the present structure. Today, the Grand Mosque holds up to 1,200 worshippers and looms over more than 50 small and large domes that give this stunning mosque its famousoutline.
Apart from beingthe core of Dubai’s religious and cultural life, the original Grand Mosque was also home to Dubai’s kuttab or Quranic School, where children were taught to memorise the Quran by heart.
As with all of Dubai’s Mosque (except the Jumeirah Mosque), non-Muslims are not allowed to enter, except the minaret from where photography is permitted.The Grand Mosque of Dubai is done up in Persian style as it contains blue mosaic type work, domes and sand hued facades. The mosque also contains handmade stained glass and wooden structures. This spectacular mosque is best visited at night, when it is fabulously lit up.