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Etisalat Tower 1

  • Baniyas Road, Downtown Deira, Dubai


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One of world's most distinctive skyscrapers, Dubai’s Etisalat Tower is 100 a meters tall unique tower that houses UAE-based telecommunications company, Etisalat.

The structure is topped by a large sphere which many people liken to a "giant golf ball".

Upon itscompletion in 1992, Etisalat Tower was the fourth-tallest building in Dubai.
The external envelope of this 17-floor building is made of granite cladding and green tinted mirror glass.

At the top of the building, a large 22 m diameter sphere of Teflon coated material houses a complex array of parabolic dishes and antennas for Etisalat telecommunications needs.

This sphere is illuminated at night and became a landmark in Dubai, appearing on postcards of the city.

The final plan of thetower was built much lower than originally planned, and is now overshadowed by taller buildings.