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How to Reach EGYPT

By Air

Egypt is easily accessible by land as well as by air, but it advisable to take a flight to Egypt. The capital city of Cairo has direct scheduled flights from important cities like Dubai, London and New York, and a number of international airlines catering to the country’s airports. 

Cairo International Airport is where most international Egypt flights will land. Located 15 kilometres away from the city centre, this is the busiest airport in the country. It also serves as a primary hub for EgyptAir and EgyptAir Express as well as several other airlines. Cairo is well-connected by other major international airlines such as Singapore Airlines, Etihad Airways, Lufthansa, Emirates, KLM (Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij N.V), and many more. Air tickets are widely available from Cairo to all the major cities of Middle East, Asia, Europe and Africa. Sharm el-Sheikh International Airport and Borg El Arab Airport in Alexandria are two other major airports in Egypt. 

The months from July to August are considered low seasons, and will have cheaper airfares. The most expensive time to fly is spring and autumn, as well as Christmas and New Year, so budget travellers should avoid visiting Egypt during this time. 

By Road

One could also rent a car to get to Egypt from the neighbouring countries. Gas is rather low-priced in Egypt, as the rate is highly subsidized. Though a driver needs to be at least 21 years-old to drive here, traffic rules are not generally followed. It is just as easy and probably cheaper to travel to and around Egypt by cabs, train, and bus. Fridays will have the least amount of traffic as most roads in large cities are deserted for Friday prayers.

Visa Requirements for EGYPT

Because a large part of Egypt’s economy is dependent on tourism, the country is quite lenient in its visa policy, especially for tourists. For entry, one needs a passport that is valid for at least six months from the date of issue of visa. There are three types of Egyptian visas namely 

Tourist Visa – Usually valid maximum 3 months and granted on either a single or multiple entry basis
Entry Visa – For non-nationals visiting Egypt for reasons apart from tourism, exampl...

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