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Egypt Nightlife

As the sun sets, individuals begin spilling onto the roads, congregating in coffeehouses and eateries. Go to any waterfront - along the Nile in Cairo and Luxor, or the seafronts in Alexandria and Sharm el Sheik - and you'll discover the corniche murmuring with the prattle of companions cruising affectionately intertwined to get the breeze. Road merchants offering kebabs, chai-dealers boring goliath urns and knickknack vendors with the most recent vivid imports compete for the considerations of passers-by. This is the spot to meet local people, gage the national disposition and offer in the celebrations of a neighbourhood football achievement.
An enormous draw for guests – both local and remote – are the sound and light shows held in astounding manner in a large portion of the nation's archaeological destinations. Here, you can encounter the spot-lit Sphinx at Giza or viewing the whole Temple of Karnak develop to music at Luxor. The best of these shows is held at the Temple of Ramses II in Abu Simbel. Modern dance club, bars and eateries can be found in Cairo, Alexandria and most substantial towns.