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Germany is a much-loved destination for those visiting Europe, and for those interested in the history. The best time to visit Germany is in May, and then from September to October. The summers are also a great time to visit Germany, but since this is the high tourist season for almost all of Europe, it does tend to get a bit crowded at times, not to mention – more expensive. For those looking to avoid this rush, the shoulder season of late spring and early fall is a good time to visit Germany. Different parts of the country does experience different sort of climates throughout the year, so make sure to plan your trip according to the experiences you want to have and the places you want to see.

Spring Season:

Spring in Germany is spread across the months of March, April and May. Late spring is a good time to visit Germany, with the weather being absolutely marvelous for enjoying outdoor activities. Apart from May, the rest of the spring season is actually quite chilly, and it sometimes even snows here in March.

Tips: Since spring in Germany can be quite cold, make sure to carry warm clothes. The Easter celebrations in Germany are worth witnessing, with all locals participating in the festivities. If in Germany during spring, make sure to attend the International Theatre Festival in Wiesbaden, which attracts tourists from all over.

Summer Season:

Summer in Germany lasts from June to August, and offers some amazing landscapes to enjoy, with greenery all around. This is a great time to visit Germany, if you don’t mind the crowds and the steep prices. If you are visiting in this season, be prepared for long queues and crowds at all sightseeing attractions. Also expect to pay more for accommodation and sightseeing packages.

If you are in Germany in the summer season, you can enjoy a lot of outdoor activities such as hiking and trekking. You can also enjoy some of the many, many music festivals and events that are held outdoors in the summer season, such as the Mozart Music Festival and the Nuremberg Music Festival.

Tips: If your dates are fixed, book early to save money.

Autumn Season:

Autumn (fall) in Germany lasts through September, October and November. These are the rainiest months of the year in the country, and the temperature drops significantly, paving the way for winters to arrive. This is one of the high tourist seasons for Germany, because of the Oktoberfest in Munich, and a few other places across the country.

After Oktoberfest, the prices for everything fall dramatically, so the second half of October can be a good time to visit Germany as well. You can also attend the Unity Day celebrations in Germany during October and Europe’s largest medieval music festival, the Festival-Mediaval, where mock battles and archery competitions are also held. In November, the Fasching Carnival is also held, where one can enjoy a lot of traditional rituals.

Tips: Don’t forget to get your winter wear with you, since autumn is pretty cold here. If planning to enjoy Oktoberfest, make sure to book everything well in advance, or you might be in for a disappointment on finding nearly everything booked to the highest capacity. Even flights to Munich become extremely expensive during this time, but it is definitely worth it.

Winter Season

Winters in Germany last from December to February, and gets really chilly. The southern regions get more snow and cold waves than the rest of the country, sometimes reaching nearly -18 °C.

If you find yourself in Cologne, then you can enjoy the many festive carnivals held here, in the throes of winter. And of course, Christmas can never be overlooked, with its stupendous celebrations. There are hundreds of Christmas markets to visit and mulled wine to sip on.

Tips: German winters can be brutal, so make sure to carry down jackets and bundle up nice and warm. Snow wear is a must, including waterproof boots and woolen caps. Watch the roads while walking; very slippery because of being sleet ridden.

Germany is a much-loved destination for those visiting Europe, and for those interested in the history. The best time to visit Germany is in May, and then from <...