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Shopping In Goa

From its legendary weekly flea markets to designer boutiques, art galleries, furniture showrooms and antique stores, Goa offers a lot to the shoppers, apart from fulfilling their cravings for fine foods, wines and other indulgences.

  • No visit of Goa is complete without a trip to the legendary Anjuna Flea Market.  It is held every Wednesday from October onwards throughout the peak-season and is open between 9am in the morning to 6pm in the evening. You can buy all your holiday souvenirs, gifts and beach clothes here.
  • You can buy a lot of things like beachwear, sunglasses, fabric to use as sarongs, drums, lacquer-ware toys and jewellery from the makeshift shops in and around the Goa beaches.
  • The market town of Mapusa, the largest town in northern Goa, is popular for its busy Friday Market. Scores of buyers and sellers from neighbouring towns and villages, alongside tourists visit this weekly market and you can get some real good deals here.
  • Goa is known as an international fashion destination and is the home of some of the most well-known Indian designers like Wendell Rodricks, Malini Ramani among others. If you are looking at designer labels and high-end beachwear then you can choose any of these upscale boutiques.
  • There are two popular night markets in Goa— Ingo's Saturday Night Market in Arpora and Baga Saturday Night Market. Both are good places if you like to go for shopping in the nights and bargain for the best deal. Here you can buy all kinds of Indian artefacts and crafts, souvenirs, spices, clothes, DVDs and CDs. 
  • This popular tourist destination also produces exotic aromatic spices like black pepper, cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, chillies, coriander among others and all these are generally produced in an organic manner. Buying spices at cheap prices in Panaji is a good idea.
  • With an abundance of cashew plantations across the state, Goa is known for selling premium qualities of cashew nuts and this comes for relatively cheaper prices. There are numerous stores in different parts of Goa, where you can buy a packet of cashew nuts.
  • Goa is also a bibliophile’s paradise as there are numerous bookstores across the small state. If you are in need of some reading material during your vacation, you buy a few books from any of these stores or can also pick up a few books from the second hand bookshops near the beaches. 

From its legendary weekly flea markets to designer boutiques, art g...