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Indian cuisine is diverse and rich in flavour, and is mostly made using locally produced ingredients. Each region and state of India has its unique cooking styles and dishes. In the north, the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir has a distinct style of cooking and flavours which are filled with dry fruits, saffron, and meat products. Punjab, the richest state of India in terms of agriculture, has plenty of delicious culinary specialties using cottage cheese, chicken, mutton and locally produced vegetables. Punjabi cuisine is rich in spices while the staple diet comprises of rice, wheat and pulses. In Delhi, due to its cosmopolitan culture, all the regional variations of Indian cuisine are widely available. Delhi is also the hub of Mughlai cuisine, a rich legacy of the Mughal Empire of India. Lucknow, the capital city of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh is renowned for Awadhi cuisine which emerged from the kitchens of the erstwhile rulers. The Indian state of Rajasthan has highly flavourful cuisine which uses dairy products like curd, cottage cheese, butter and heavy uses of spices for aroma and flavours. Gujarat’s cuisine comprises of locally available vegetables and attractive uses of sweet and tangy flavours, along with a host of savoury snacks. Bengali cuisine is rich and is often consumed in layers beginning with mixed vegetable, fries, pulses, vegetables and either fish or meat accompanied with rice. South Indian cuisine also has its distinct taste and characteristics with plenty uses of sour gravies made using coconut, tamarind, spices and locally available fish and meat, often consumed with rice. North East India has an entirely different cuisine with flavours and characteristics of the region.