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Interlaken is a beautiful resort town in Switzerland blessed with nature’s wonders. The city is nestled between two lakes, surrounded by the icy peaks of the world famous Jungfrau summit, and sees the mesmerising Aare River flowing through it. The best time to visit Interlaken can be said to be during the summers, when the weather is pleasant and devoid of rains and snow. There are several activities to enjoy in Interlaken for the adventure enthusiasts, such as rafting, hiking, canoeing, glacier climbing and so on. 

Spring Season

The spring season starts in March and April and continues till May and bestows a lush greenery upon the city. Ice from the lakes begin to thaw, the snow on tree branches begin to melt and cableways start opening up again. The temperature remains within a healthy 7 °C to 17 °C, although sudden rain showers can dampen the weather and the mood for a bit. The day temperature is cool, but the night temperatures can vary from chilly to cold. Unexpected showers can mar the day. But since rains are not that common in Interlaken during spring, sightseeing will not be a problem. The only issue with visiting Interlaken during this time is that some of the attractions and rides might be closed due to snow from the last winter. However the best part about visiting Interlaken during the spring is that you can enjoy watching the white snow and the green valleys at the same time.

This is the best time to visit Interlaken, since the winter is still receding during early March. One can see lush greenery, a colourful bloom of flowers, and ice-covered mountaintops. This is the peak tourist season; thus, hotel and other entertainment bookings should be made in advance. Carrying raingear and a sweater or a jacket for the chilly evenings is advisable. During the spring, people can enjoy both, the winter sports on the Alps as well as hiking and other activities in the city.

The spring season is a good time to be a part of the Sechseläuten festival and The Interlaken Music Festival in April and the Ascona Music Festival in May. This is also a great time to indulge in full-moon parties at the local pubs, which are mostly held al fresco.

Summer Season

The summer season starts in June and ends in August. This is the best time to visit Interlaken, especially for people who are not fond of the chill. The day and night temperatures are warm. However, it is more likely to rain during these months. The temperature ranges from around 18 °C to 20 °C, so it is warm and pleasant here. This is yet another peak season for tourists. Hotels and other entertainment sectors are heavily priced; thus, advance bookings are recommended. There is an abundance of activities to indulge in, like hiking, trekking, paragliding & other adventure activities and boating on the two gorgeous lakes.

The famous Lake Thunn festival takes place every summer, bringing together musicals from all over the world. Make sure to attend the William Tell festival in Interlaken for a glimpse of the rich cultural heritage of Switzerland. You can also attend the Interlaken International Street Artists Festival in July. Tourists packing for this season are advised to carry along sturdy rain gear and walking shoes.

Fall Season

The fall season lasts from September till the end of November. Though the night temperatures drop to single digits, the day temperatures remain comfortable. This is when it starts snowing in the highland areas. Although it doesn’t snow in the city, it is very foggy, especially in and around the lake areas. 

The temperature during Autumn in Interlaken falls to nearly 15 °C to 18 °C, but it is still pleasant enough to enjoy sightseeing with a light jacket. The number of tourists reduce by this time, with other warmer parts of Switzerland being preferred over the colder regions. Ski resorts, especially the ones in the lower region, close down by now, although most of the ski resorts higher up are still operational.

This is the best time to visit Interlaken, especially for people looking to avoid the peak tourist season. Hotels and other entertainment sectors are less priced and are easily available. The forests and mountain-side foliage start changing their colour, which is indeed a very beautiful sight to witness. People planning to visit during this time should pack ample warm clothes.

Since this is the time when the grape harvest takes place, it is quite possible to catch hold of news of a wine tasting festival. Make sure to ask around and find out if any are happening near you.

Winter Season

Early December to end of February is when the city experiences the winter season. The city and the Alps are covered with snow. The day and night temperature are always below zero and the days are short. Pack ample warm clothes to brave the freezing temperatures. Since the temperature rarely rises above -2°C, this is a good chance to enjoy snowfall, which is guaranteed in Interlaken during winters.

This is the best time to visit Interlaken, especially for people fond of winter sports and adventure. The ski resorts are generally full and expensive during this period. However, the city has less tourists, cheaper accommodation and entertainment prices. The tourist influx is thin during this time, and it is quite possible to find good discounts of hotels and other attractions. 

This is also a good time to enjoy participating in festivals such as the Grindelwald World Snow Festival.

Interlaken is a beautiful resort town in Switzerland blessed with nature’s wonders. The city is nestled between two lakes, surrounded by the icy peaks of the world famous J...