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Free Things to Do In Interlaken

Located at the foothills of the Mönch& Jungfrau Mountains, Interlaken is a great place for hiking, walking and climbing. There are a number of well-        marked trails and treks for walkers and climbers of all categories. One of the best among these trails is the Jungfrau Plateau trail, which provides            spectacular views of the surrounding Alps. This will also help you burn huge amount calories as well.
If you can bravethe cold water of the lakes of Brienz and Thun, then swimming can be a good option for you. Both the lakes are quite popular                swimming area with showers, changing room facilities in place along with a restaurant.
A number of waterfalls and streams are there in and around Interlaken and you can just walk down to see the water masses thundering down              hundreds of metres across numerous rocky stages.
You can saunter around the market place or walk down the Höheweg, the main street, to engage yourself in window shopping, apart from taking a        glance of the beautiful buildings and mesmerising surroundings.
A riverside walk, starting just near Interlaken East on a path running beside the River Aare, is a good option. If you have the urge to go little further      then you can also walk Lake Thun to Lake Brienz. 
A visit to Höhematte, a vast meadow in the middle of Interlaken along Höheweg, is a must do activity in Interlaken. The stunning meadow covers          around 14 hectares and from there you can get some spectacular views of the surrounding mountains. At Hohematte you can also enjoy the                seasonal flowers and witness various sporting activities including the landing spot for many paragliders. There is also a theatre, a coffee shop, a            historical Augustinian convent and church and a working clock made of flowers in this magnificent meadow in the heart of the town.             
The Covered Bridge is an excellent alternate route to cross the River Aare. This lovely wooden bridge stands on a concrete foundation and provides        mesmerising views over the river and the surrounding landscape.
• Hike up to Harder Kulm, a lookout point with spectacular views over the town of Interlaken, Brienz and Thun Lakes as well as the entire Jungfrau            Region.
Located at the foothills of the Mönch& Jungfrau Mountains, Interlaken is a great place for hiking, walking and climbing. Th...

Things to Do In INTERLAKEN

  • Ride the highest railway in all of Europe to reach the Jungfraujoch Peak, which is probably one of the most beautiful views you will see in your life. Do not forget to sit and relax in one of the restaurants in Top of Europe enjoying the view. 
  • Visit the Sphinx Observatory situated above Jungfraujoch, overlooking the infinite snows of A...
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