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Getting Around in INTERLAKEN

The place has a well-connected transportation system and can be easily explored on foot. Getting around in Interlaken is easy as the town centre is quite compact and well established. 

The Interlaken rail stations: are the starting point if you are seeking a one-day trip. These trains take you to the mountains and nearby attractions like the Jungfraujoch and the Schilthorn. The rail transportation is properly connected to the main market and main shopping street. You can also opt for cars and bicycles to travel to nearby surrounding areas from your hotel. Interlaken Ost is the main station, and if your hotel is within walking distance from the station, then you are definitely going to have a quick and easy access to all the modes of transport.

Boat: You should not miss out on boat rides as lakes are the beauty of this place. Travel via boat to Lake Brienz which departs near the Interlaken Ost station. Boats to Lake Thun run from Interlaken West. 

Walk: The city is so small that it can be covered on foot and is probably the best way to get around and explore. Ride in the horse-drawn carriages especially in the Hoheweg Street for a more romantic holiday.

Car:  Hiring a car from a good car rental agency will be helpful since most of the attractions are at a distance from the city. You can also rent cycles, motorbikes or mountain bikes for an adventurous ride. Hiring a taxi is also a good option to travel around the city.

Some hotels provide a free Interlaken Travel Card for all modes of transport to guests, so utilize it to travel free to nearby places of Interlaken. You can also purchase a rail pass as it is the most convenient way to travel to the mountains and to the towns farther away.


By Air

Interlaken has no airport of its own. The Bern Airport located at Berne is situated at about 45 minutes drive or a 90 minutes train ride from Interlaken. Travellers can also take a flight to the Zurich Airport and then a train to Interlaken from the airport. Zurich is linked to all the international flights and can be reached by travelling for 2 hours from Interlaken by train.

By Road

It is also well-connected to other Swiss cities through buses. There are direct private buses to Interlaken from Rome, Paris and Munich. 

Interlaken has a well-maintained highway and an ‘Autobahn’ road that links Interlaken with the nearby airports as well as big cities in Switzerland and Europe. Visitors can experience an amazing drive from Zurich to Interlaken, on the interstate highway, which is roughly 117 kilometres. However, one might have to pay higher parking charges.

By Rail

It has 2 main railway stations, Interlaken West and Interlaken East (Ost). Both of them are well connected with trains from all major cities of Switzerland. There are also trains from Paris, Frankfurt, Milan, Vienna and Salzburg to Interlaken.  

By Water

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