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Shopping In Interlaken

Interlaken is known for having the highest concentration of souvenir shops in Switzerland.
It’s the best place to buy Swiss Army knives and ‘Swiss Knife Centre’ is arguably the best place to buy these in Interlaken. The shop stocks the entire range of Victorinox and Wenger Swiss Army Knives while a few other prominent knife shops in Interlaken are ‘ALSCHER’, ‘Bühler Chalet Shop’, ‘Royal St Georges Gift Shop’, ‘GallerieMetropole’. If you want an engraved text on the knife most of these shops do that for free.
Switzerland is well-known for its exquisite watches and Interlaken has two of the biggest watch and jewellery shops. ‘Bucherer’ and ‘Kirchhofer’ are the biggest stores which keep all the big traditional Swiss brands such as Tag Heuer, Omega, IWC and Rolex. You can also pick inexpensive Swiss-made watches like Swiss Military and Swatch from a number of souvenir shops in the town.
Swiss chocolates are equally popular across the globe and the best place to buy these is at the Coop supermarket. Here you get a good range of Lindt and Cailler chocolates, Toblerone among others at much lower prices. However, souvenir shops in Interlaken sell these chocolates at a higher price.
You can also choose a variety of souvenir items, memorabilia and gift items from the local souvenir shops. These souvenir shops mainly sell a number of items such as Music Boxes, Leather Wallets and Purses, Cow bells, Swiss embroideries, cuckoo clocks, some inexpensive Swiss made watches (like Swiss Military or Swatch), Switzerland T-shirts, sweatshirts, backpacks, etc. 
Brienz, located at about 30 minute’s journey by train from Interlaken, is the centre for Swiss woodcarving although you can find woodcarvings at the shops, ‘Bazar Tivoli’ and ‘Albert Schild’ in Interlaken.
Interlaken is known for having the highest concentration of souvenir shops in Switzerl...