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Kemon Achho (Hello in Bangla)

Kolkata - the very name conjures up images of hand-pulled rickshaw carriages traversing through meandering lanes, streets bustling with berserk crowds and hawkers shouting loud to sell their wares. But even amidst all the apparent squalor and mayhem there is much more to this metropolitan city of India. Once the capital of British India, Kolkata is situated in the state of West Bengal of which it forms the capital city as well. Splashed by the Hooghly River and home to some of the most notable personalities the country has produced, Kolkata is teeming with a rich heritage, a pulsating culture and a psychedelic array of human fanfare. A sojourn to this scintillating city will shower you with surprises and shocks galore. With its vibrant life and cornucopia of attractions the City of Joy never ceases to enthrall you. What makes the city all the more alluring is its incredible blend of penury of the slums on one hand and the dapper lifestyle witnessed at the clubs, golf grounds and famous Calcutta Racetrack on the other. Tinges of traditional mysticism and modernistic ardor lie side-by-side with several areas flanked by colonial structures and others quickly getting filled up with dazzling shopping malls and skyscrapers. There are innumerable places to visit in Kolkata. Not to speak of the sumptuous repertoire of restaurants that caters to the taste buds of every kind of gourmand with their mouth-watering multi-national cuisines. The land which produced such world-famous bigwigs like Rabindranath Tagore, Ramakrishna, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose and Satyajit Ray among others is sure to make your trip an indelibly memorable one with all its sordidness and charisma. 

Kemon Achho (Hello in Bangla)

Kolkata - the very name conjures up images ...

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