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Getting Around in KOLKATA

When in Kolkata you will not have to worry much about getting around for the city’s transport system is robust and takes you to even the remotest corners.

Bus- Kolkata’s possesses both government as well as private bus services. The buses may seem to be a crowded option. But they are nevertheless frequent and you can reach your destination pretty fast since these vehicles hurtle around with immense speed and maneuvering technique through even the most congested streets. The West Bengal Surface Transport Corporation, Calcutta Tramways Company and Calcutta State Transport Corporation are the major bus operators.

Cabs- The quintessential yellow Ambassador Cabriolets or taxis have almost turned synonymous with the transport system of Kolkata. They run on the meter systems whereby passengers can check out the Fare Calculation Charts to know how much they have to pay in tune with the meter reading flashing on the system.

Tram- If you wish to savor every little thing that seems ubiquitous with Kolkata’s spirit take to the tram and enjoy the laid-back travel to your destination. Of course, you have to be first clear about the Routes which can be gauged through reading the tram numbers. Thus you have Route 24, 29, 14 and 22 going through specific paths and destinations.

Metro- You may feel daunted at the cramped underground train system but the Metro indubitably remains one of Kolkata’s fastest and stress-free mode of conveyance. Once you have enlightened yourself with the directions of the trains you can be sure of catching one every now and then and getting to your destination within minutes as the trains swish past in great speed.

Rickshaw- In no other place of the country will you find such sights of rickshaws being pulled by human beings. While the main city has pullers who pull the rickshaws the outskirts have cycle rickshaws. Auto Rickshaws are also a convenient means of traveling from one part of the city to another, although in most cases the distance has to be a short one.

Walk- While you can take up any of the above means of transport, the best way to discover the real beauty of Kolkata with all its chaos and charisma is to take by foot. Broad pedestrian pathways run through the whole city although at times you may have to jostle through thronging shoppers shopping at the roadside local stores. 

How to Reach KOLKATA

By Air

Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport is located in Dum Dum. The airport is one of the largest and busiest airports of the nation. It is well-connected to major International cities as well as those within the country through direct flights. Volvo buses as well as cabs are available to and from the airport to transport you to your hotel or place of residence.

By Road

Those who wish to hit the road to reach Kolkata can do so by taking the routes through National Highways and State Highways which link the City of Joy to almost all important cities of the country. 

By Rail

Kolkata’s railway system is also very well-connected to all cities and towns of the country. Two major railway lines that operate as the main starting points of the city’s trains are the Howrah Railway Station and Sealdah Railway Station. The Kharagpur Railway Station, Shalimar Railway Station and Chitpur Railway Stations play the role of substitutes. You have the option of taking superfast trains like Duronto Express, Shatabdi Express and Rajdhani Express or going for the regular trains to specific places. 

Visa Requirements for INDIA

Visitors to India mush obtain a visa from an Indian diplomatic mission unless they are from a country which has visa-free travel provision to India. India offers visa-free entry to the citizens of Bhutan, Nepal and Maldives (for 90 days). Travelers having an Overseas Citizens of India document or a Person of Indian Origin Card are also exempted from obtaining Indian visa. 
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