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Things to Do In Kolkata

Here are the places to visit in Kolkata: 
  • Take a sojourn to the Victoria Memorial to admire the charming architecture of the monument which was en endeavor by the British to honor Queen Victoria. The 20th century structure is made up of resplendent white marble and is a replica of the famous Mughal tomb at Agra Taj Mahal.
  • Make your wish in front of Mother Mary at the Bandel Church, one of the city’s oldest Christian churches which has been standing there since its establishment in 1660 and boasts of being a reminiscence of the Portuguese when they settled in Bengal.
  • Spend some hours amidst the cacophony of clinging bells and religious chanting at the Dakshineshwar Temple the abode of guru-philosopher Sri Ramakrishna and dedicated to the Goddess of Power Maa Kali along with other deities. The captivating ambience evokes a deep sense of religious passion in the mind of every visitor.
  • Get to one of the spookiest places which Kolkata shelters- the South Park Street Cemetery that houses about 1600 tombs and is among the oldest ones in the city.
  • Breathe in some fresh air and soothe your mind amidst an atmosphere of bliss and tranquility at the Prinsep Ghat, another memoir of the British era nestled on the banks of the famous Hooghly River.
  • Watch the stars and come in close communion with the mysterious space around as you get to know the truths behind the world beyond the oblivion at the Birla Planetarium
  • Take a drive along the Vidyasagar Setu built atop the Hooghly River and feel the cool breeze blowing across your face in the wee hours of the night when the bridge still dazzles bright.
  • Climb up the 218 steps of the awe-inspiring Shaid Minar or the “Tower of the Martyrs” and take a panoramic glimpse at the brightly illuminated city under the evening sky, a sight worth every daunting step you take to get to the summit.
  • Chug your steamer boat along the lake at Nalban, a boating complex set in the lap of nature
  • Wonder at the huge dinosaur skeleton and the mummies at the National Museum
  • Treat your tummies and taste buds with Kolkata’s street food which serves you every kind of gourmet spread you can think of. From pani puri and ghugni chaat to rice-curry and Chinese noodles, the tastes are mind blowing and are available at unbelievingly low prices. 
Here are the places to visit in Kolkata: 
  • Take a sojourn to the Victoria Memorial to admire the charming architecture of the monument which w...

Free Things to Do In KOLKATA

•Take a stroll along the Howrah Bridge, one of the busiest pedestrian bridges found in the whole world and catch a           glimpse of the bustling city in its hullabaloo of daily life
•Relax and soothe your senses amidst the serene and calm ambience of the Belur Math nestled along the Hooghly River   which happens to the headquarters of the religious organization of Ramakrishna Math.

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