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In Kuwait, there is no dearth of eat-outs, and with various restaurants serving global cuisines, you will literally be spoilt for choice. While an array of restaurants can be found across food courts in malls, one may opt to dine at one of the many international restaurants which are grouped together in certain areas in Kuwait. Ask any local where the "Restaurants Road" is, and you will be guided to a road in ‘Salmiya’ that is packed end-to-end with lots of local restaurants which serve an extensive array of specialty sandwiches, snacks, and juices. 
There are also few restaurants that serve traditional Kuwaiti food, comprising of Machboos (chicken or fish over specially spiced rice), Balaleet (sweet saffron noodles with an omelette), Bayth elgitta (a fried cookie), Kuwaiti tea, and more.