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Getting Around in LA PAZ

Explore La Paz in the three public transportation systems – public buses (Mircros), shared vans and shared trufi taxis. 

Taxis - Test your bargaining skills while deciding the fare before stepping into the taxi. Taxis are the best way to explore La Paz as you can hop off and hop on wherever you want. 

Bikes - Perhaps the coolest way to discover the magnificent La Paz is by bike. Do the bizarrely famous Death Road by your bike after boarding a bus to La Cumbre and cycle down to Coroico. However, you must be warned of the dust pollution and the irregular traffic system.

Walk - While exploring La Paz on foot, you will never lose your way to the city’s hottest tourist attractions, as you can reach El Prado (La Paz’s main street) or the main avenue with ease, and continue with your on-foot adventures while munching on famous local snacks.

How to Reach LA PAZ

By Air

The world’s highest international airport, El Alto International Airport, located at an altitude of 4,058 meters above sea level, brings you an experience of a lifetime as you get introduced to La Paz after a breathtaking landing. It serves daily flights from several south American and European countries. Take a radio taxi with a sign on their roofs from the airport to the La Paz center.

By Road

La Paz is well-connected by road and can easily be reached by buses that operate daily from neighboring countries like Chile and Peru, as well as other Bolivian cities. All the buses will take you to La Paz Bus Station, which is designed by the famous Gustave Eiffel, who is also credited to have designed the famous Eiffel Tower. You can also reach La Paz on a bicycle from the neighboring cities. However, the pollution and the irregular traffic might cause occasional hindrance to your otherwise pleasant bike adventures.