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Shopping In La Paz

The shopping malls and market in La Paz display a gamut of merchandise ranging from old, used pair of socks to high-end luxury items.

MegaCenter - Bolivia’s biggest shopping mall, MegaCenter is a shopper’s delight. You will get lost in the wide ranges of designer labels, traditional clothes, accessories, flashy electronic gadgets and all that you need.

Torre Ketal - Experience high-end shopping at La Paz’s upscale shopping mall. Here you may find all that you require for your tour and stay, and even some souvenirs to take home.

Ayni Bolivia - A member of the fair-trade organization, Ayni Bolivia produces and sells premium quality handicrafts, ceramic ornaments etc made by skilled artisans from the Aymara community hailing from various places of Bolivia.

Street Markets of La Paz - The famous Sunday impromptu markets in La Paz and entire Bolivia are still popular with the locals, and also offer tourists typical glimpses of Bolivian way of life, where hundreds of sellers from surrounding villages throng to the city displaying all their goods ranging from antique stuff to cheap provisions and clothes.

Mercado Lanza - The most popular morning food market, Mercado Lanza is the perfect place to grab a huge mug of Api, the traditional Bolivian thick, sweet breakfast drink, Tucumanas and Salteñas, fresh meat and veggie stuffed pastries.

Mercado de las Brujas or ‘Witches' Market - Also popularly known as the Mercardo de Hechecería, this is a unique market of mystical persuasion. Perfect for buying local souvenirs and also learn more about the Bolivian native Aymara culture and tradition from the aged shopkeepers while they sell dried frogs and Llama fetuses for Aymara rituals.

Markets of El Alto - Buy anything and everything from the markets of El Alto. This largest flea market draws you into an ocean of used goods from clothes to electronics and computers to cars.

Mercado Camacho - Perfect place to liven up your taste buds to some warm empanadas and a huge mug of Yellow or Purple Api, a must-try beverage in Bolivia.

The shopping malls and market in La Paz display a gamut of merchandise ranging from old, used pair of socks to...