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Lucerne Nightlife

Although Lucerne is not a big city, its nightlife is quite renowned across the country. And, with uncountable areas to enjoy the nightlife in Lucerne, the city is very attractive to tourists. During the night, the city comes alive with buzzing lounges, discos, bars, breweries and nightclubs. Some of the famous and happening nightclubs in Lucerne are Casineum, The Vegas Club, The Loft and Pravda.  Lucerne also hosts a Stadtkeller Show, and its main highlight is the traditional folk music, coupled with classical Swiss instruments.

In addition, the KKL Lucerne Hall is not only known for its avant-garde architecture but is also renowned as a hotspot for jazz festivals, rock concerts and electronic musicals in Lucerne. Luzerne Theater is a must-visit place for all those who want to see theatre shows in Lucerne. Apart from theatre shows, the programme here also includes diverse performances like opera, puppetry, dance and musicals.