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The warm, tropical weather of Mahe Island, largest and most developed island of the Seychelles, is an invitation to tourists round the year. Let us discover which is the best time to visit Mahe Island, a part of the Seychelles experience.

April to May

The weather during these months is warm, yet not too uncomfortable. It doesn’t rain that frequently, although the showers help in relieving the increase in temperature. This is the best time to visit Mahe Island especially for budget seekers. The tourist season marks its beginning from these months, thus, there’s less crowd and the hotel rates are very low. April and May are also good months for snorkelling and scuba diving as underwater visibility can top 30m and water temperatures are also optimum (around 29°C).

People planning to travel here should pack ample beach wear, sunscreens, flip flops, rain gear and summery comfortable clothes.

May is marked with Fet Afrik which is a celebration of the African day. Here, one can enjoy the African and Creole culture in its original forms. There are many live music performances by local artists and dance groups.

June to September 

The weather is cool and comfortable during these months. The rains are not too frequent and its breezy and pleasant. Summertime season is the peak season and is considered the best time to visit Mahe Island. There are tourists flocking from all over the world, especially in July and August. The hotel rates and the entertainment section is quite highly overpriced and accommodation is not easily available. Thus, for people planning to visit during these months, bookings should be made months in advance to get the best rates. However, the months from May to September are fantastic for surfing and windsurfing, thanks to the southeast trade winds that ensure that the waves are exciting enough!

Cool summery clothes, flip flops, beachwear and party wear would be the ideal things to pack for people planning to holiday here.

The Seychelles Sea Turtle festival is held in August to educate, promote and showcase the different species of sea turtles living on the islands. Round Table Regatta is a fun and entertainment show held in the last week of September. There are numerous sports competitions, live music performances and party games played during the entire week.

October to November

Due to the weather conditions this is also one of the best time to visit Mahe Island. Although the temperature is a little on the higher side as compared to the other months, the rains are more incessant, which helps in bringing down the temperature a bit. Still there are plenty of sunny days to enjoy the beach and the sea. Mahe's stunning south-western beaches are calmer from October onwards till April, so swimming is safer during this time. October & November also have the best underwater conditions in terms of visibility for snorkelling and scuba-diving.

The hotel rates and airfares are at the lowest as compared to the rest of the season and ideal for people looking to spend less and enjoy more. Since it’s warm, pack ample cool comfortable beachwear, sunscreens and ample rain gear.

October is marked with the most important Festival Creole. It is a colourful, fragrant, and fascinating festival where the Creole culture is celebrated for its glory. There are shows presenting the culture, menus prepared in the authentic Creole traditional way and bands featuring the Creole music.

The warm, tropical weather of Mahe Island, largest and most developed island of the Seychelles, is an invitation to tourists round the year. Let us discover which is the best time...