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One of the oldest, largest, and most artsy cities of Italy, Naples is a stunning Italian treasure trove waiting to be unravelled. Founded by the Greeks and then extended by the Romans, this beautiful city is studded with extraordinary architectural and archaeological marvels, including palaces, castles, churches, frescoes, sculptures, graffiti, a UNESCO World Heritage-listed historic centre, and more. 

Just two hours away from Rome, Naples is etched between Mount Vesuvius and the islands of Procida, Capri, and Ischia. It is very close to Herculaneum and Pompeii – the world-famous sites known for their Roman ruins. Besides its many splendid palaces, castles, and churches, the city is also home to beautiful parks, gardens, and museums with comprehensive collections, making a Naples holiday a must! Naples is also very popular for its golf courses and beaches.

Naples is categorized into 10 regions, of which five are located in the Central region, namely Centro Storico, Agnano, Posillipo & Chiaia, Arenella & Vomero and San Carlo all' Arena. There are many amazing things to do in Naples if you’re travelling to this vibrant city. Start from Saint Carlo, a well-known theatre and among the most popular tourist spots in Naples. Also, you can spend your day amidst the beautiful Public Garden which is located at the street.

The culture of Naples is a combination of Roman and Italian culture. When it comes to cuisine, the food of Naples is blessed with the best pizzas, pasta and garlic bread. It is a paradise for Italian food lovers. A shopper’s haven, Naples has some exciting shopping streets like Toledo and Chiaia that are a must-visit.
One of the oldest, largest, and most artsy cities of Italy, Naples ...
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