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New Zealand is a gorgeous country, where tourism is currently thriving. Attracted by its rugged beauty and lush greenery, travelers love to spend weeks and months exploring the many nuances of the country. The best time to visit New Zealand is during the months of March to May, when it is the autumn in the country. The falling leaves, the changing colors of the foliage, and the pleasant weather are all major attractions for travelers. The summer season, from December to February, is also said to be the best season to visit New Zealand.


Summer Season: The summer season in New Zealand lasts from December to February. Expect clear skies, high temperatures, and plenty of sunshine. For those looking to get away from the cold weather of places such as Europe and the US, this is the perfect place. For outdoorsy adventures, beach activities, and sightseeing options, summers are the best season ever.


Tips: Be liberal with the sunscreen, when spending time outdoors. Keep hydrated and remember to wear cotton and linen apparels. You can indulge in water sports, boating, surfing, and much more, if visiting a New Zealand beach. However, make sure you arrange all of it before-hand to beat the crowds. Also, the Christmas and New Year celebrations held here during the summers are a fun change from all the snow related decorations of Christmas in other countries!


Autumn Season: The autumn season in New Zealand lasts from March to May, and this is considered a good time to visit New Zealand. The weather is much cooler than the summers, and the leaves changing their colors are a gorgeous sight to behold, especially if you find yourself in Hawke’s Bay or Central Otago. For water sports enthusiasts, this might not be a good time, since the water is sure to be way too cool to be comfortable. Wear a body suit, if getting in the water is absolutely necessary.


Tips: Although beautiful, the autumn season also brings with it the first inklings of cold, so make sure to carry woolens, heavy or light based on the places you might be visiting. Keep you snow boots or galoshes along, if visiting rainy or mountainous regions.


This is the off season in New Zealand, so you can expect to get plenty of discounts on stay and deals for sightseeing packages. If you plan ahead, you can stay in the swankiest of places of a fraction of the price that they charge in the high tourist season. With most of the summer tourists having left the country, it is quite possible that you can have the entire location to yourself.


Winter Season: The months of June to August bring with them the winter season of New Zealand. This is also the rainy season for the country, especially in areas such as the North Island, which receives the highest levels of rainfall. The mountainous areas receive a lot of snow, and therefore, opportunities for skiing.


Tips: This is a grand opportunity for a traveler interested in snow sports to enjoy themselves here. And although the snow isn’t as thick as the other ski resorts of the world, it is quite possible to enjoy snow adventures in the first few weeks of the first snowfall. This season is also the best time to visit glacial areas as well as mountainous regions, and indulging your Speed Racer side for an adrenaline rush. Several outdoor competitions and communal snow events are held in the country during this time.


Spring Season: The spring season in New Zealand lasts from September to November, when the weather is absolutely pleasant and just cries out for a visit. Flowers blooming everywhere and the lush green shades of the foliage creeping back into them, as winter departs, is sure to be a mesmerizing sight. The days are pleasant and the nights are cooler


Tips: A plethora of spring festivals are held all over the country during this season, and are a must visit, especially for those who enjoy Pagan festivals in all their glory. For white water rafting, this is the absolute best time to visit New Zealand, since the melting glaciers swell up the rivers and make the rapids a whole lot exciting.

New Zealand is a gorgeous country, where tourism is currently thriving. Attracted by its rugged beauty and lush greenery, travelers love to spend weeks and months exploring the m...