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Hallo (Hello in Icelandic)

Nestled at the northern corner of Iceland, Reykjavik presents itself as a vibrant contrast of geographical enigma filled with endless surprises. The city, though smaller in size as compared to the majority of capital cities around the world, is however, the largest one in the nation. It sits at latitude of 64 degree 8’ N making it the northernmost capital of the world and the Greenest City that the globe shelters, since it uses only geo and hydrothermal power. However, even within its small confinements Reykjavik does not cease to amuse its citizens and visitors, packed as it is, with an amazing cultural punch and landscape diversities. Whether you are visiting the city during the summers or the winters, you will find it impossible to resist the charm of the city which is a perfect adventure lovers’ paradise with an idyllic setting as well. There are plenty of things to do in Reykjavik.The throbbing cosmopolitan culture, friendly, fun-loving people, natural mysticism, mind blowing culinary delicacies and vibrant nightlife - all make Reykjavik a must-visit city.

Hallo (Hello in Icelandic)

Nestled at the northern cor...

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