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Things to Do In Riyadh

  • Visit the Masmak Fortress which is an ancient historic building and renovated as museum for tourists and is a major tourist attraction.
  • Explore the Murabba Palace next to the Masmak Fortress and looks charming with beautiful views of the city.
  • Take a tour of the National Museum, which as an unusual architecture and includes a presentation of Saudi Arabian history.  
  • Engage in the shopping spree at Riyadh’s grand shopping malls filled with all kinds of sophisticated products. Few of them are Al Faisaliah, Al Mamlaka, Sahara Mall, etc. or enjoy your bargaining skills in the traditional streets of Riyadh at bustling Souq al-Thumairi where you can buy rugs, carpets, handicrafts, etc.
  • Take a stroll and have exquisite glimpses of the city’s architecture and beauty especially at the Wadi Hanifa and Al-Diriyyah, an ancestral palace of Saudi royal family.