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How to Reach SEMINYAK

By Air

Reach Denpasar International Airport in Bali and travel to Seminyak by road. There are two main routes from Bali airport i.e. by Kuta and Legian. The best options here are to walk or rent a motorcycle or a bicycle, as these roads are jammed most of the times.

By Road

Many local tour buses and taxi services are available. One can even hire a cab or rent a car, which is the best mode of transport when visiting Seminyak.

By Rail

Direct road routes are advisable as this transport facility is available from Surabaya and Jakarta only till the Bali. One has to again travel by road to Seminyak.

By Water

No actual travel services by boat are available to reach to Seminyak but ferry rides to and fro from Bali to Gillis are a way to travel from these places.

Visa Requirements for INDONESIA

Indonesia tourist visa is not required for citizens of United Arab Emirates for a stay up to 30 days. American, British, Indian, Filipino, Bangladeshi, Egyptian, Austrian, German expats living in UAE fall in the same category. However, citizens of Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan, Brazil, Israel, Montenegro and few other nations need an Indonesia tourist visa. It is advisable that nationals of different countries get in touch with their respective embassies for obtaining comprehensive information. Show More