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Serbia Nightlife

The nightlife in Serbia can be accurately described as thrilling and versatile. Whether you like to spend your nights relaxing in a rooftop cafe or dancing and drinking in a nightclub, you will always find something that suits your tastes. Ranging from late-night cafes to rocking nightclubs and night-time sightseeing to vibrant music festivals, nightly entertainment in Serbia never ends. Every city in the country has something to offer to all kinds of travellers.

Amongst the many dynamic nightlife areas in Serbia, Belgrade is considered the top choice for tourists. Besides housing some awesome clubs, pubs and bars, the city offers many other exciting nightly activities like visiting Skadarlija Bohemian Quarter and exploring Belgrade Fortress. The wide variety of nightclubs in Serbia caters to the tourists with varied interests every day of the week. Enjoying a night in distinctive floating river clubs called Splavs can be a one-of-a-kind experience. You can also choose to spend your nights attending late-night theatre shows in Serbia. Belgrade’s National Theatre offers great shows even during late hours. Music lovers can head to one of the many kafanas, traditional European taverns scattered all through the country. Various folk and traditional artists give Serbian music performances regularly in these kafanas.