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Owing to the country’s geographical and cultural diversity, Serbia food is rich and varied. Dotted with expensive gourmet restaurants as well as edgy street food stalls, the country offers gastronomic delights to all kinds of tourists. Several popular food joints and restaurants serve a variety of local Serbian cuisines. Local food includes a plethora of delectable dishes like beef prosciutto, ajvar, kajmak, cicvara (a kind of polenta made from eggs, flour, cheese and butter), rose-petal slatko and many other specialities made from dried plums. 

Besides the mouth-watering local food, many top restaurants in Serbia serve a variety of international cuisines, including Greek, Turkish, Bulgarian, Hungarian and continental. The expansive collection of homemade local wines and brandies offered by the restaurants perfectly complement the delicious food. The numerous halal restaurants in Serbia serving lip-smacking dishes made with various types of meats make the country a paradise for non-vegetarian foodies. All in all, the country offers an incredible all-round culinary experience.