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Getting Around in SHARJAH

Sharjah does not have a public transport system, which means that you will either need to own a vehicle or rely on local cabs to get around. The taxis, however, are unmetered, although now there are a number of metered taxi service operators as well. There are also a number of express commuter buses run by the Dubai RTA.  

How to Reach SHARJAH

By Air

To save on time and arrive comfortably, there is no better way other than booking yourself a flight. And, with Sharjah International Airport being approximately 15 kilometres from the city, this sure is a convenient way.

Sharjah International Airport is the base of the local low cost carrier Air Arabia, which connects various cities from other Middle Eastern countries as well as from the Indian subcontinent to Sharjah. If you research well you might end up get best flight deals to Sharjah. Dubai International Airportis another international airport close-by and is preferred by travellers flying to Sharjah, since it has a much better connectivity internationally. With most international airlines flying into Dubai from all over the world, you have better chances of getting cheaper international flight tickets. You can either take the taxi, the inter-Emirate bus service or book yourself flight tickets to Sharjah to reach Sharjah from here.

Planning for your holidays in advance gives you a chance to land into comparatively cheap international flight tickets, helping you save a great deal of money on air tickets. With so many options available to visitors, finding cheap flights to Sharjahis no big deal. 

If you are looking to explore other neighbouring countries, look out for best flight deals fromSharjah on the internet. With so many flights operating to and fro from there, you will surely end up with a good deal. 

By Road


There is a Government of Dubai run inter-Emirate bus service that you can use to get to Dubai, usually leaving from the Al Jubail (Al Jabal) bus station. This station is near the Sharjah Fruit and Vegetable market, and the Sharjah Fish market, very close to the Central Souk. Usual commute time is one hour.


There are no restrictions on taxis to ply between Dubai and Sharjah. However, watch out for rush hour traffic.

By Water


You can take a boat from Bandar Abbas in Iran to Sharjah. It leaves at 9 in the night and takes 12 hours to reach. This service runs three times a week, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. 

Visa Requirements for UNITED ARAB EMIRATES

Citizens of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) nations are not required to procure any visa and can use their respective national ID card to enter UAE for work, stay and travel purposes. Residents of Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and Saudi Arabia can also avail this facility. Citizens of European Union except Ireland and United Kingdom are entitled to stay up to 90 days to 180 days and do not require visa. 

Residents of European countries not part of European Union like Andorr...

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