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South Korea is a beautiful country in Asia, famed for its hilly countryside, small fishing villages, ultra-modern cities, age-old Buddhist temples as well as islands that mimic tropical islands. In short, it is a complete travel destination, and people from all over the world flock to South Korea to witness its beauty first hand. The best time to visit South Korea depends on what sort of experience you want. There are four distinct seasons in South Korea, and each one brings with it something different, something special!


Spring season in South Korea: March - May

Spring season in South Korea is one of the most beautiful times of the year and it can truly be said to be the best time to visit South Korea. The months of March, April and May see flowers in full bloom all over the country, even in the cities, coloring everything in riotous shades. Buddha’s birthday is also celebrated during May, so make sure to be a part of that. In March, the locals celebrate Daeboreum for honoring the first full moon of the lunar Korean calendar, and it is celebrated with huge bonfires, don’t miss it!

Tips: Light clothes are preferable, although the spring season here are sometimes characterized by cold spells, so make sure to carry a few jackets and shawls. 



Summer season in South Korea: June to August

Summers in South Korea see temperatures rarely going above 26° C, although the humidity levels are pretty high and make it seem hotter than it actually is. Towards the end of June and middle of July, the rains descend on South Korea and bring a sort of welcome relief. It is not a bad time for a visit, although it can’t be said to be the absolute best time to visit South Korea.

This is a good time to visit the mountain towns and beaches for a respite from the heat. You can also take part in various festivals such as Chuseok and Memorial Day during June and May, respectively. The streets are full of revelers, during these festivals, decorated with vibrant colored paper ribbons. For those traveling with children, the Children’s Day festivals held on May 5 is a great way to celebrate and keep the kids occupied. There’s a plethora of activities held on this day, all across the country.

Tips: Bring along light airy clothes for the daytime, and if coming towards the rainy season make sure to carry an umbrella. Also be heedful of typhoon and rainstorm warnings, when sightseeing might not be such a good idea.



Autumn season in South Korea: September to November

Autumn in South Korea is characterized by a cool and crisp weather all through the season. The entire country seems to be colored in shades of blazing auburn, with falling maple leaves carpeting streets and hillsides as well. For those looking to enjoy a hike in the mountains, this is the best time to visit South Korea.

If you are here during the autumn season, the events and festivals you can enjoy include:

  • Seoul International Fireworks Festival -  a marvelous sight to watch.
  • Gimje Horizon Festival - also a must-attend, with kite flying and cooking competitions to watch. Suwon Hwaseong Cultural Festival - perfect for those interested in historical events and re-enactments
  • Oktoberfest in German Village in Korea is also a must-attend festival.

Tips: Bring along a few woolens for your travels during this time of the year. Make sure try your hand at the local dishes because this is the time of bountiful harvest, and food produce is at an all-time high.


Winter season in South Korea: December to February

Winters in South Korea can be brutal! The temperature goes below -6° C, and rarely rises above 3° C. Some areas, such as Gangwon-do receive snowfall, while others experience more of a dry cold, which, nevertheless, is pretty cold. The cherry trees bloom during this time, which is a sight to behold, so all is not lost during the winters.

Tips: Make sure to carry heavy woolens, to combat the cold. Boots, gloves and heavy socks for those visiting snow-laden areas is also a good idea. If you find yourself at a local household or homestay during the winters, hopefully you can attend the gimjang event, when family members prepare huge quantities of kimchi to eat throughout the winter. Also make sure to attend the famed Dongzhi Festival held in December to honor their ancestors.

South Korea is a beautiful country in Asia, famed for its hilly countryside, small fishing villages, ultra-modern cities, age-old Buddhist temples as well as islands that mimic t...