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It is extremely wise to enquire and get acquainted with the weather and temperature information in Switzerland. To enjoy your Swiss holidays to the fullest, it is imperative that you know about the best time to visit Switzerland and plan your trip accordingly.

The best time to visit any country, depends on various factors, namely, your purpose of visit – sightseeing/outdoor adventure activities you are looking for like skiing, shopping etc and also the vacation budget you have set. For sake of convenience and to make prior bookings, remember that the high season to visit Switzerland are the months of (late) June to September, and December to February, while the low seasons are the months of April to mid-June, and October. 
The climate of Switzerland is mostly temperate though one can experience a solid contrast as the location varies from glacial conditions high up in the mountains, to a subtropical climate towards the southern tip. The climate remains moderate with no excessive heat, cold or humidity, all throughout the year, making it a perfect destination that can be visited all around the year. 

However, if you are looking to ski, you should visit Switzerland between the months of December and April. While if you are a sun-worshipper, you may want to visit Switzerland in the months from May to September when the temperature is mild and the crowds are less. Also, remember the prices vary by seasons. For instance, hotels are the most expensive from July, August and in December which is the peak tourist season. While mountain resorts offer comparatively lower prices in months of April, May, June, October and November.

Make sure that you book well in advance, particularly during Easter and the December holidays, in order to get the best deals on hotels, airfare, car rentals, and other services.

It is extremely wise to enquire and get acq...