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Set in the picturesque valley of River Mtkvari is the colourful and lively city of Tbilisi. The city sports a mix of medieval, neoclassical and modern architecture, making it all the more interesting. Let’s take a peek into the best time to visit Tbilisi, the “must-visit city” of Georgia.
Peak Season
Tbilisi witnesses the highest number of tourists during the summer season which starts from June and continues till August. The weather is ideal for a stroll through the cobblestone alleys of Old Tbilisi. The days are warm yet pleasant, while the nights are cool and breezy. This is termed as the best time to visit Tbilisi.
Tourists needn’t carrying warm clothes; light summery clothes are sufficient. However, do pack your walking shoes as the weather is perfect for sightseeing.
The hotel rates during this period are the highest and the availability is lowest, thus, booking in advance is more advisable.
High Season
The spring season, the second-best time to visit Tbilisi, lasts from March till May. The weather is slightly on the colder side as it is windy, and there are occasional showers during these days. The day temperature is warm and comfortable, but the nights are generally chilly.
The tourists season marks its beginning from March. The rates of the hotels and other entertainment sites are on the moderate side and availability of accommodation is not an issue. People planning to visit during these months should pack light winter wear and rain gear to be prepared for the occasional rain and the chill thereafter.
Fall Season
September till November is the fall or autumn season for the city. The weather turns quite cold and occasional showers intersperse the day. This season is the best time to visit Tbilisi, especially for those who love cold weather and prefer to enjoy the city at their own pace. The tourist crowd is at its minimum and the hotel rates are very low.
People planning to visit during this time of the year should carry ample winter wear.
Winter Season
The winter season is not exactly the best time to visit Tbilisi, as the temperatures drop very low – almost in single digits. There are frequent showers and occasional snow fall in the city.
The tourist footfall is very low during this season, as people preferring the warm weather stay away from the city. For travellers still planning to visit the city to enjoy the cold weather, ample winter wear and thick boots, warm hats, scarves and gloves along with rain gear is highly advised.
Set in the picturesque valley of River Mtkvari is the colourful and lively ci...