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Tbilisi Nightlife

Tbilisi is one of the most colourful cities in the entire region of Caucasus. Inspired by the modern lifestyle, Tbilisi’s nightlife scene is quite electrifying. It is an interesting place for those who wish to experience an active nightlife. The city houses several pubs and clubs where one can enjoy dancing on the beats of their heart while gorging on an extensive range of drinks and a wide variety of delicacies. Travellers looking forward to spending some peaceful moments in the company of loved ones can go for an evening walk on the street located near the subway station Rustaveli. Some of the most popular nightlife spots of Tbilisi include Safe Night Club, Bassiani, KHIDI Club, Mtkvarze Club, Dublin Irish Pub and The Nali Pub. Apart from experiencing the Irish atmosphere at the Dublin Irish Pub, visitors can enjoy live rock music performed by local bands. KHIDI Club is a great place to listen to the interesting techno mixes of the well-known DJs and to discover the works of local and foreign contemporary artists exhibited on the third floor of the club. It is in the night that one can explore the city tapping on a different rhythm altogether.