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Eating out is a popular social activity in the country of Georgia. So there is a myriad of restaurants in its capital, Tbilisi suiting the food requirements of most travellers. Restaurants in Tbilisi mainly offer traditional Georgian cuisine -  is a must-have on a trip to Tbilisi. However, there are several eating joints where one can relish dishes inspired by other cuisines such as Asian, Italian and Middle Eastern. Besides, there are places in the city where tourists get to enjoy Indian meals too. Some among the famous restaurants in Tbilisi include Ezo, Lolita, Shavi Lomi, Azarphesha, Mapshalia and 8000 Vintages. Reflecting on the fact that wine has been cultivated by Georgia for at least 8,000 years, 8000 Vintages presently serves about 790 wines out of 1,610 samples. Apart from offering 150 plus natural and rare wine varieties, Azarphesha features a tantalizing food menu that includes seasonal cuisine inspired by authentic Georgian recipes along with the Persian and Greek influences. So, be it those looking forward to trying Georgian cuisine or the travellers who wish to indulge in an exclusive dining experience, there are restaurants in Tbilisi that cater to both the requirements. It is an awesome experience in itself to indulge in conversation while enjoying the lip-smacking taste of the delicacies served at these top restaurants in Tbilisi.