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The beautiful island nation of Trinidad and Tobago (T&T) has a penchant of celebrating life with elegance, style and charm. The nation has endless opportunities for tourists owing to its sun kissed beaches, azure waters of the Caribbean Sea, vibrant music, charming nightlife, pristine natural resources and a cosmopolitan culture with a prosperous economy.

Trinidad and Tobago symbolises the very best of the Caribbean Islands with its own charm and attractions. Located off the northern edge of South America, the nation shares its maritime boundaries with Barbados in the northeast, Granada in northwest, Guyana in the southwest and Venezuela in the south and west. Port-of-Spain is the capital of this highly industrialised and rich Caribbean country.

These small islands were first discovered by Spanish explorer Christopher Columbus, who claimed the region for Spain. However, just like similar events of Spanish conquistadors, the original inhabitants of the islands – the Arawak and Carib people perished in large numbers due to diseases brought on by Spanish colonizers. French settlers established cocoa plantations in Trinidad and brought in large numbers of African slaves. The British seized the islands and abolished slavery in 1880's and also allowed large scale immigration from Portugal, France, Germany, China and India. The territory was then combined with various Caribbean nations into the West Indies Federation after WWII. The country achieved complete independence on August 31, 1962. Trinidad and Tobago prospered immensely following the discovery of large deposits of oil and natural gas.

Trinidad is highly industrialised, with Petroleum and Gas industry being its primary sector, while Tobago is more tourism oriented. Celebration of life, music and culture is an eternal part of this island nation. Many music genres including calypso, soca and chutney emerged out of this country. Well-developed waterfronts, nightlife joints and restaurants jostle for a traveler’s attention along with the beautiful bikini clad women and street performers. The Carnival held on the island is celebrated with a lot of zeal and is on par with world's best. Resorts and hotels offer an unmatched experience and the warmth of the locals is equally wonderful. 

The beautiful island nation of Trinidad and Tobago (T&T) has a penchant of celebrati...

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