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Top United Arab Emirates RESTAURANTS

United Arab Emirates is steadily growing as a major culinary and cultural importer in the region. Liberal policies and open door initiatives have led to an ever increasing presence of expats and thriving business by foreigners. Among the most lucrative expat businesses is restaurants, cafes and eateries spread all over Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Dubai has become a hub of world class dining.The Dubai Food Festival held every year is a great place to explore the very best UAE has to offer. 

Renowned Michelin-starred chefs catering to different taste buds have opened their establishments in Dubai. The choice of cuisine is diverse, starting from the local Emirati cuisine to South Asian; French to Japanese; Mexican to Peruvian, almost all the cuisines are well represented in Dubai. Gastronomy is a key element of Dubai’s charm while the capital city of Abu Dhabi is more indigenous in nature when it comes to dining. Emirati and regional Arabic cuisine is widely celebrated while continental and international cuisines are also widely available.  

What to eat in United Arab Emirates: Emirati Cuisine is rich in spices and flavours. Do try chicken shawarma, Harees, Al Machboos, Hummus, Falafel, among several other delicacies.You can also indulge yourself gastronomically at Michelin-starred chef’s establishments spread across Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Thai, French, Japanese, Indian, Chinese, Mexican and Peruvian cuisine comes well recommended in UAE.