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The United Kingdom is blessed with a relatively temperate climate, and witnesses four main distinctive seasons – Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Based on what sort of attractions and activities you want to check out, the best time to visit United Kingdom can be decided upon. If specific attractions are not a hindrance, one can choose to visit the United Kingdom any time of the year.

Spring: The spring season in the United Kingdom lasts from March to May, and it is a delight to visit the region during this time. The hills seem greener, the meadows are full of vibrant flowers, and the weather is pleasant. The average temperature remains around 11°C to 15°C, and some rainfall does happen during this time. Sightseeing might become a tad difficult due to the rains, but the good part is that the rains don’t last very long.

Tips: Pleasantly cold, the spring brings with it a lot of festivities such as Easter, Good Friday, and similar religious festivals. Make sure you have an umbrella handy at all times, in case you get caught in the rains. Another important festival taking place during this time includes St Patrick’s Day, which is mostly celebrated by the Irish.

Summer: The months from June to August constitute the summer season in the United Kingdom. Summers are also a good time to visit the United Kingdom, with the beaches, gardens, open-air beer gardens, and rooftop bars playing a major role in cooling everything down. The average temperature during the summer season hovers between 18° C and 30° C.

Tips: Summers can be a bit humid, and there can be rains towards early evening, so keep an umbrella handy! The Glastonbury festival in June is one of the most amazing music festivals of Europe, and is a must attend! The summer solstice is celebrated at the Stonehenge in July, which is another great festival to attend for understanding the pagan culture of the United Kingdom. The Edinburgh Festival Fringe and the Notting Hill Carnival in August are also great for tourists.

Autumn: The autumn season in the United Kingdom lasts from September to November. This season paints the entire region in hues of auburn and amber, with falling leaves and drying twigs lining the floor. The temperature hovers between 11° C to 15° C, and the weather is usually balmy and soothing.

Tips: Several festivals such as Halloween and the Totally Thames Festival can be enjoyed during the autumn season. You will also see some Christmas decorations go up during this period, even though it is too early for the festival. October brings with it the promises of several regional festivals such as pie-eating competitions, the Belfast International Arts Festival, and more. In November, Guy Fawkes’ night is a brilliant way to enjoy some local bonfire.

Winter: The months from December to February are what constitute the winter season in the United Kingdom. The average temperature remains between 2°C to 6°C. Some places do get a lot of snow, and that just adds to the fun of snow sports and adventure activities. This is a good time to visit the United Kingdom, because there are not a lot of tourists here during this time. The hotels and B&Bs also offer lucrative discounts for travelers.

Tips: Make sure you carry heavy woolens with you, if traveling during this period. Some of the best festivals of London are celebrated during this time, such as Christmas and New Year’s, including some of the best sales of the region. In fact, the January sales, starting right after Christmas, are the most awaited sales for the entire region, not just in terms of reduced prices but also in terms of a wider variety of choice.

Remember that some attractions near the mountainous regions might be closed due to excessive snow, so make sure you plan accordingly.

The United Kingdom is blessed with a relatively temperate climate, and witnesses four main distinctive seasons – Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Based on what sort of at...