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By Air

The best means of transport to reach is by flights. The country has a well-connected network of airports which includes major international terminals, domestic airports, as well as military-civil airports. New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Washington DC are the major international gateways of USA. USA has a very large network of airports designed for international, domestic, civil, and military purposes. New York, Newark, Chicago, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Charlotte, Boston, Washington DC, Orlando, and Miami are the primary airports catering to flights from Europe. Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco also receive international flights from Europe, South America, East Asia, and Pacific. Flights from Central America and the Caribbean arrive at Miami, Atlanta, Houston, and Dallas.

By Road

The Canada-US border is comparatively more free and easier to cross. Greyhound buses also offer many inexpensive cross-border services from both Canada and Mexico, throughout their network. Greyhound buses have direct bus services between the major cities of Canada and USA.  

One can also enter USA from the US-Canada and US-Mexico borders, one of the most frequently crossed borders in the world. Average wait times are up to 30 minutes and it tends to take 1-2 hours at peak times during weekends and holidays. The US-Mexico border also faces increased security checks and stricter immigration checks due to drug trafficking.

By Rail

Amtrak, the official US Railway, offers international connections to the Canadian city of Vancouver, from Seattle, every day. The Maple Leaf train service connects Toronto and New York City, while the Adirondack train service connects Montreal and New York City. Amtrak doesn’t have connections to Mexico. Alternatively, one can take a bus or car to cross the USA-Mexican border. 

By Water

Entering the US by sea is only possible and feasible with a registered cruise ship. The most common entry points for private boats are Los Angeles and Florida. Passenger ferries exist between British Columbia and Washington State from Victoria and Sydney, or Alaska from Prince Rupert. Cunard Line offers transatlantic ship travel between the UK and New York City.

Visa Requirements for UNITED STATES OF AMERICA

US Visa policy allows visa exemption for the citizens of Federated States of Micronesia, the Marshall Islands, and Palau, which are part of Compact of Free Association. Citizens of Canada with TN status (Treaty NAFTA) are allowed to enter the country without any visa. Citizens of the 38 countries that are part of the Visa Waiver Program,are not req...

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