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Ukraine, located at the crossroads of Central Europe and Eastern Europe, offers a diverse experience just like its varied culture and history. This former Soviet Socialist state has successfully emerged out of the shadows of its powerful neighbor Russia, however, the latter still plays a critical role in the dynamics of Ukraine. The country is still going through massive demographic and political changes. It’s real tourism potential and hospitality was first experienced on a large scale during the 2012 football Euro Cup. The breathtaking natural landscape coupled with the burgeoning nightlife and entertainment scene attracts many a tourists to the country. Quaint alleys, mesmerizing art and culture and luxurious ski-towns and resorts offer ample opportunity for the visitors to explore this beautiful European land.

Ukraine is located in the Eastern Europe and is bordered by Russia in the east, Belarus in the northwest, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary in the west and Romania and Moldova to the southwest. It still maintains the second largest standing military in Europe after Russia. Ukraine has had a cheered past and has been the victim of clashes and bloody struggles throughout its history. The Second World War was a massive catastrophe for the Ukrainians, who perished in large numbers due to Germany's aggression, famines and the scorched earth policy of the then Russian rulers.

Ukraine experiences a temperate continental climate characterized by cold winters and warm summers with precipitation at various times of the year. Ukrainian is spoken by the majority of the locals while the population in eastern and southern Ukraine mostly speak Russian. Religion-wise, the majority follow Eastern Orthodoxy while the others follow Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church. Protestant Christians are also spread across the country. A sizeable number of followers of Islam can be found in Kiev. The country has among the worst rate of population decline in the world.

The break-up from Soviet Union ushered in period of stability and slow economic resurgence. The new period of economic stability added the country's capital Kiev and the Black Sea resort city of Odessa in the global tourist map. The Coastal city of Odessa is renowned for its nightlife while Crimea is a favourite Russian resort destination. The Carpathian Mountains offer brilliant ski-towns and resorts. Country's capital Kiev offers plenty of insight in the functioning of Ukraine and eastern cities of Kharkiv, Donetsk and Luhansk are still very much cluttered with soviet era buildings. The western city of Lviv resembles like any central European city. There is wide variety of cuisine and gastronomic delights and the nightlife hotspots are gaining popularity. Ukraine, despite its struggles, is very European country in feel. The people are very hospitable and the sights and sounds of this country are very refreshing.  

Ukraine, located at the crossroads of Central Europe and Eastern Europe, offers a diverse exper...

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